Serial Killer Research Project

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Essential Questions 2012
1. When and where was he/she born?
2. Who were his/her parents? How many brothers/sisters did he/she have?
3. What was his/her school years like? Was suspect bullied? Was suspect a bully?
4. Did he/she go to college? If so, for what?
5. Where did he/she work? What was her/his career?
6. Did he/she suffer from any physical or mental illnesses/conditions? If so, what are the specifics of that condition?
7. Did any trauma (physical or mental) lead up to the crime(s)?
8. Criminal history? If so, for what crimes? Jail time?

9. Did he/she start with murders or work up from a lesser crime (burglary, sexual assault, etc.)
10. Where did the crime(s) happen? (town, state, exact location, ex. Bedroom in home) Depending on who you are researching, this could include multiple crime scenes – list them all in chronological order.
11. Who were the victims? Race, age, sex, names and other important information.
12. How did the crime(s) happen – be as specific as possible. Include police reports if available. How were the victims murdered? How were the victims disposed of?
13. Were the crimes premeditated?
14. When did law enforcement arrive on the scene? Were there any unusual circumstances or anything worth noting? Were there multiple agencies involved? If so, discuss.
15. What evidence was collected by the police (or forensics unit)? Describe in detail.
16. Did the suspect confess to the crimes?

17. Did the suspect go to trial(s)? Why or why not?
18. What forensic evidence was introduced at trial?
19. Were there possible contamination issues?
20. Were there any possible problems with the jurors understanding of scientific principles behind the evidence?
21. What was suspect’s demeanor like during the trial?
22. What was the outcome of the trial(s)?
23. If convicted, was an appeal filed? If so, on what grounds?
24. If an appeal was filed, what happened? Was there a new trial? What was the outcome of the new trial?
25. Where is the suspect now?

The following people have already been chosen for this project - please choose someone else!
Earle Nelson
Joaquim Kroll
Arthur Shawcross
Ted Bundy
John Wayne Gacy
Aileen Wuornos
Gary Ridgway
Henry Lee Lucas
Cary Stayner
Sylvestre Matuschka
Brudo Ludke
Ricky Kasso
Dr. Morris Bolber
HH Holmes
Gertrude Baniszewski
Richard Evonitz
Richard Kuklinski
Jeffry Dahmer
Jane Bolding
Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo
Albert Fish
David Berkowitz
Fritz Haarman
Richard Trenton Chase
Arthur Gary Bishop
The Bender Family
Dr. Petiot
Robert Yates
Andrei Chikatilo
Douglas Clark
Dr. Shipman
Dr. Teet Haarm
Robert Pickton
Ed Gein
Dennis Nilson

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